Erba Organics

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Informatie van de klantenservice, juni 2013:
"yes the majority of our products are in fact Vegan, we just do not label them as such.

A few products contain milk product or beeswax, the products listed DO NOT contain these ingredients:

Baby Oil
Baby Shampoo
Foot & Leg Refresher
Mommy Massage Oil
Stretch Mark Cream

We also carry another line called Erbaviva, here are the Vegan products we carry in that line:

Awaken Body Wash
Baby Cream
Baby Shampoo
Back Rub Oil
Happy Bath Essence
Jasmine Grapefruit Deodorant
Lemon Sage Deodorant
Nighty Night Bath Essence
Organic Baby Oil
Relax Body Wash
Relax Room Spray
Sniffle Bath Essence
Stretch Mark Cream
Stretch Mark Oil"

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