Frosch anti-kalk azijn

Zelf Nagevraagd E-mail van Frosch klantenservice op 28 juni 2019: "Frosch products were not, are not and will not ever be tested on animals! This is our statement since the very first beginning of the brand in 1986. Additionally, our Company also assigns no contracts to third parties for animal testing.  The German government has required the following since May 1998 in the Animal Welfare Act: Pursuant to § 7 (4) Animal Welfare Act in Germany, animal testing in the development of tobacco products, detergents and color cosmetics is prohibited. The EU, however, dictates that raw materials that are used in washing and cleaning agents must be secure and safe for human health and the environment. Therefore, we can unfortunately not suspend animal testing on raw materials since manufacturers of raw materials are required to test certain commodities to be in line with EU regulation (REACH). Since sustainability and environmental compatibility are very important to us, we do everything to avoid animal testing in the value chain of our products. Therefore, we are very careful in our selection of raw materials and consciously focus on proven and well-established ingredients. We make sure that when we select raw materials for our product formulations, their effect on humans and wildlife is already well known so as to avoid the need for new testing. Frosch products contain no ingredients of animal origin, insofar that the products can be called “vegan” in the broadest sense, though this term is originally from the food industry.  Furthermore Frosch respects the animal life and supports animal-orientated organizations like WWF and NABU (German organization)."

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